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      About us

      Contact: Shabo
      ADD:Jincheng Economic and Technical Development Area, Jincheng, Shanxi, China


      About Us About Us

            Jincheng Fuji New Material Co., Ltd. is a hightech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of special ceramic materials. Located in Jincheng Economic and Technical Development Zone, the company was founded in 2000 with a staff of 260 people, the registered capital of 44 million yuan, the operation of its headquarters, Qinshui Branch and Banqiao Pigments Branch. The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and gained the self-operation import and export rights, 

            Our main products are porous functional ceramic materials ceramic foam and honeycomb ceramic, which are sold out to the international markets like India, Brazil and Russia etc. The company owns 5 national invention patents, 5 utility model patents. At present, the company owns its intellectual property rights of all the products and production technologies.