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      Cast iron with ceramic foam filters




      Ceramic foam filter is mainly used for ductile iron and gray iron castings of the filter, the effective removal of liquid metal inclusions in large, small impurities in absorption, lower gas and hazardous liquid metal element content, to improve the metal matrix structure to improve the mechanical properties of castings.




      1.  Select the filter pore size

      Filtration volume per unit area of the filter is generally not more than:

      Cast Iron  4 kg/cm2

          Ductile iron  2 kg/cm2

          Common size filter content below.

      3.  Filter area: filter placed at the runner cross-section should be appropriately expanded. Runner section generally is a normal 2 to 4 times

      4. Placement: foam ceramic filters can be placed on all parts of gating system should be based on the characteristics of components and production conditions to select, cast as close as possible to achieve the best filtering effect.

      5. As far as possible to avoid the direct impact of molten metal filters, filter, casting a direct impact on height should not exceed 300mm.